About Chiropractic Technique

Diversified technique

Diversified focuses on the integration of a detailed history and thorough biomechanical examination which involves both your nervous and musculoskeletal systems. The treatment protocol may include adjustments, physiotherapeutic modalities, stretches, nutritional supplements, and/ orthotics.

Activator method

This instrument delivers a precise adjustment with consistent velocity. The activator may be used on any joint, however it is particularly useful in treating the smaller joints of the hands and feet. The activator method is also a good alternative for people who are sensitive to being touched or for those with Osteoporosis or Arthritis.

Pelvic Drop Pieces

Pelvic drop pieces are sections of the chiropractic table that have the capability of elevating and dropping with the adjustment. This technique allows for increased velocity in the adjustment and greater motion induced into the joint. Pelvic drop pieces help to restore motion in the pelvis and reduce any pelvic unleveling and associated back pain